How to Apply For British Council Women Scholarship in STEM 2024-2025

Are you looking for the Official British Council Women Scholarship in STEM 2024-2025? if yes then follow the steps below to apply and Get £10,000 to fund your master’s degree. Apply today. The role of women in research can’t be overlooked. That is why the British Council Women Scholarship has made it easy for you as a woman to further your career with their fully funded scholarship. However,  you must have a first degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), or related fields.

The British Council Women Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that targets women from some selected countries where female representation in STEM remains low. The scholarship provides a hassle-free educational journey since you do not have to bother about tuition fees. Also, it serves as a bedrock for aspiring women who want to further their careers in STEM.

Accordingly, if you wish to further your academic life in STEM at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom, then this post is for you. In this blog post, I will unveil anything you need to know about the British Council Women Scholarship in STEM. So sit back and read along.

Lists of Participating Universities of the British Council Women Scholarship in STEM and the Courses they Offer

Below are the acknowledged universities that offer the British Council Women Scholarship in STEM in the UK.

Universities Courses they offer
University of Bradford MSc’s in:

●     Advanced Biomedical Engineering

●     Advanced Civil and Structural Engineering

●     Advanced Chemical And Petroleum Engineering

●     Advanced Mechanical Engineering

●     Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics MA and

●     Advanced Practice in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

University of Stirling MSc’s in:

●     Sustainable Aquaculture

●     Aquatic Pathobiology

●     Aquatic Veterinary Studies; Environmental Remote Sensing and Geospatial Sciences

●     Environmental Management; Environmental Management (Energy)

●     Environmental Management (Conservation)

●     Environmental Management (Informatics)

●     Autism Research

●     Health Psychology

●     Psychological Research Methods

●     Psychology of Sport

●     Psychology

●     Mathematics and Data Science

●     Big Data

●     Financial Technology (Fintech) and

●     Artificial Intelligence

University of Glasgow MSc’s in:

●     Environmental Futures

●     Sustainable Systems

●     Earth Futures

●     Environments, Communities, Relationships

●     Sustainable Water Environments; Sustainable Tourism & Global Challenges (Dumfries Campus)

●     Environmental Risk Management (Dumfries Campus

●     Ecology & Environmental Monitoring (Dumfries campus); Sustainable Energy

●     Global Mental Health

●     Health Services Management and

●     Human Nutrition MPH Public Health

University of St. Andrews MSc’s in:

●     Chemical Sciences

●     Astrophysics

●     Geochemistry

●     Energy Policy and Finance

●     Sustainable Development

●     And Health Data Science

Cranfield University MSc’s in:

●     Advanced Water Management

●     Water and Sanitation for Development

●     Water and Wastewater Engineering

●     Applied Bioinformatics; Environmental Engineering

●     Environmental Management for Business

●     Food Systems & Management

●     Future Food Sustainability

●     Geographical Information Management

●     Global Environmental Change

●     Advanced Mechanical Engineering

●     Advanced Digital Energy Systems

●     Renewable Energy

●     Engineering & Management of Manufacturing Systems

●     Management and Information Systems

●     Air Transport Management

●     Airport Planning and Management

●     Automotive Engineering

●     Automotive Mechatronics

●     Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (Automotive)

●     Aerospace Vehicle Design

●     Thermal Power and Propulsion

●     Robotics

●     Applied Artificial Intelligence

●     Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering

●     Computational Engineering

●     Advanced Water Management and

●     Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics and Control MDes Design Thinking

Bath University MSc’s in:

●     Biotechnology (Sustainable Biotechnologies

●     Biotechnology (Healthcare Biotechnologies

●     Computer Science

●     Machine Learning & Autonomous Systems

●     Environmental Engineering

●     Robotics and Autonomous Systems

●     Automotive Technology

●     Architectural Engineering and

●     Environmental Design

Newcastle University MSc’s in:

●     Environmental Engineering

●     Sustainability Management

●     Economics and FinanceLLM Emerging Technologies and the LawMA International Development and Education with cross-Cultural Communication

Bristol University MSc’s in:

●     Epidemiology

●     Health Economics and Health Policy Analysis

●     Medical Statistics and Health Data Science

●     Public Health

●     Molecular Neuroscience

●     Translational Cardiovascular Medicine

●     Global Wildlife Health and Conservation

●     Biomedical Sciences Research

●     Psychology (Conversion)

●     Science Communication for a Better Planet

●     Applied Neuropsychology

●     Biorobotics

●     Digital Health

●     Engineering with Management – Intelligent Manufacturing

●     Engineering with Management – Energy for Sustainability

●     Nuclear Science and Engineering;Communication Networks and Signal Processing

●     Cyber Security (Infrastructures Security)

●     Earthquake Engineering and Infrastructure Resilience

●     Water and Environmental Management

●     Scientific Computing and Data Science

●     Environmental Analytical Chemistry

●     Climate Change Science and Policy

●     Environmental Modelling and Data Analysis

●     Environmental Policy and Management

●     Global Development and Environment

●     International Security

●     Society, Politic, and Climate Change

●     Innovation and Entrepreneurship

●     Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

●     Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship and

●     Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Durham University Msc’s in:

●     Behavioral Science

●     Developmental Psychology

●     Cognitive Neuroscience

●     Civil EngineeringRenewable and Sustainable Energy

●     Energy Engineering Management; Electrical Engineering

●     Electronic Engineering

●     Plant Biotechnology and Enterprise

●     Scientific Computing and Data Analysis and

●     Master of Data Science (MDS)

University of Strathclyde MSc’s in:

●     Applied Statistics in Health Science

●     Artificial Intelligence and Applications

●     Biomedical Engineering

●     Civil Engineering with Structural Engineering and Project Management

●     Clinical Health Psychology

●     Digital Health Systems

●     Digital Manufacturing

●     Economics and Policy of Energy and Climate Change

●     Health Analysis, Policy and Management

●     Renewable Energy and Decarbonisation Technologies

●     Software Development

●     Sustainable Engineering

●     Advanced Construction Technologies and BIM (Building Information Management)

●     Sustainable Engineering: Marine Technology

●     Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy Systems and the Environment and

●     Sustainability and Environmental Studies

●     LLM Global Environmental Law and Governance

University of Essex MSc’s in:

●     Data Science and its Applications; Artificial Intelligence and its applications

●     Applied Data Science

●     Data Science

●     Artificial Intelligence

●     Big Data and Text Analytics; Optimisation and Data Analytics

●     Advanced Computer Science

●     Financial Technology

●     Computer Engineering

●     Computer Networks and Security

●     Electronic Engineering

●     5G and Emerging Communications Systems and

●     Intelligent Systems and Robotics

University of Birmingham MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy

MSc in Microbiology and Infection (MSc)

Aston University MSc’s in :

●     Mechanical Engineering

●     Future Vehicle Technologies

●     Robotics and Autonomous Systems

●     And Smart Manufacturing

Coventry University MRes’s in:

●     Computer Science and Mathematical Modelling

●     Research Project in deep learning signal processing applied to neurology

●     Research Project mathematical modeling and algebraic analysis

●     Research Project in applied natural language processing and healthcare data analytics. MRes in Intelligent Healthcare

●     Research Project in wearable sensor development, healthcare monitoring, and healthcare data analytics

●     Research Projects in vascular optics, intelligent physiological measurement, healthcare imaging processing and

●     Research Project in biological system modeling, bio-signal processing maternal health, and low-cost healthcare monitoring.

The University of Southampton MSc’s in:

●     Data and Decision Analytics

●     Actuarial Science

●     Operational Research and Finance

●     Statistics and

●     Operational Research

Greenwich University MSc’s in:

●     Data Science and its Applications

●     Big Data and Business Intelligence

●     Computer and Information Systems

●     Computer Science

●     Data Science

●     Management of Business Information Technology

●     Food Innovation

●     Food Safety and Quality Management

●     Biotechnology

●     Formulation Science

●     Pharmaceutical Science

●     Agriculture for Sustainable Development

●     Global Environmental Change and

●     Natural Resources.

Anglia Ruskin University MSc’s in:

●     Electronic and Electrical Engineering

●     Mechanical Engineering

●     Engineering Management

●     Construction Project Management and

●     Construction and Civil Engineering Management.

Queen Mary University of London MSc’s in:

●     Creative Arts and Mental Health

●     Global Public Health and Policy

●     Public Mental Health

●     Cancer and Clinical Oncology

●     Cancer and Molecular and Cellular Biology

●     Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics

●     Cancer and Therapeutics

●     Cancer Genomics and Data Science

●     Clinical Drug Development

●     Genomic Medicine

●     Healthcare Research Methods

●     Biomedical Science(Medical Microbiology) and

●     Neuroscience and Translational Medicine.

ASEAN-UK SAGE Women in STEM Scholarships See details of courses here


How to Apply for British Council Women Scholarships in STEM

To apply for the British Council Women Scholarships in STEM you need to apply through one of the participating universities of your choice. And then follow the institution’s procedure.

Also, you have to meet all eligibility criteria outlined by the British Council, including citizenship, academic background, language proficiency, and other requirements.

Criteria for Eligibility for the British Council Women Scholarships in STEM

You must be;

  • A woman with a first degree in STEM.
  • Able to demonstrate financial need to qualify for the scholarship.
  • Proficient in English.
  • Actively engaged in your field.


Furthermore, you must not be;

  • A dual nationality holder.
  • Receiving financial support in the UK.
  • An employee, a former employee, or a relative of an employee of His Majesty’s Government.
  • A former benefit from a UK government-funded scholarship or a UK institutional scholarship/financial bursary.

Application Deadline

The application deadline to apply for the British Council Women Scholarship in STEM depends on the participating institution you choose.

What the Scholarship Covers

Aside from the prestige you get from studying at a renowned UK university, the British Council women’s scholarship offers the following:

  • Entire tuition fees.
  • Living stipend for up to 12 months which includes accommodation allowance.
  • Travel expenses.
  • Visa and health fees.
  • Any refund of an IELTS English language test, if need be.


The British Council Women Scholarship is one of the most sought-after scholarships because it is fully funded. Hence, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible if you intend to benefit from it.

It is important to note that you can make more than one application, but you will need to apply through each institution separately. Ultimately, ensure you check and meet all the eligibility requirements before applying for the scholarship.

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