Editorial Policy

Welcome to My Mama and Me, an informative website offering valuable parenting resources and insightful content to assist parents on the path toward raising happy and healthy children. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate information fact checked by child psychologists and parenting specialists for reliability; Our editorial policy guarantee our content meets high standards of credibility, trustworthiness and accuracy.

Fact-Checking Process

My Mama and Me content undergoes an exhaustive fact-checking process led by our team of qualified child psychologists, medical experts, lifestyle consultants and parenting experts. Who cross-reference information from multiple credible sources before verifying statistics or scrutinizing claims before publishing them online.

Citing Sources and References

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, our writers must cite all sources used when writing articles for us. This ensures that readers have easy access to original data as well as ensures our content is based on credible research that remains up-to-date and reliable.

Expert Contributions

Our content strives for excellence, which is why we actively solicit contributions from professionals from fields including child psychology, education, pediatric medicine, diet, nutrition, lifestyle and parenting whose insights and expertise serve as invaluable resources for our readers. We’ve made it easier for you to look up information about our authors in our About Page and in every article. Each of our articles contain the name of the author on the front page and their picture on the profile page.

Avoid Sensationalism

Our goal is to deliver balanced and responsible content. This includes avoiding sensational language or exaggerations which could mislead our readers, in favor of providing practical parenting advice based on evidence-based insights that can be applied directly in real-life parent situations.

Inclusivity and Diversity

We value and respect diversity within families and parenting practices. Our content is diverse in representation from different cultural, social, economic and educational backgrounds; these perspectives enrich our platform as they bring greater insight to parenting experiences.

Editorial Independence

Our editorial team strives for complete independence when creating content. No external influences such as advertisements or sponsors should alter our articles; our primary aim is providing accurate and unbiased information for readers.

Age-Appropriate Content

As parents ourselves, we understand the significance of creating content tailored specifically towards children of various ages when discussing parenting topics. Our writers are instructed to provide clear age recommendations or guidelines when discussing specific issues affecting these age groups.

Confidentiality and Privacy

We value our readers’ privacy and confidentiality with great utmost respect, treating any stories shared with us with great reverence while remaining anonymous unless explicit permission has been given by an author to identify themselves. You can check our Privacy Policy for more information.

Corrections and Updates

Errors may occur despite our best efforts; when such inaccuracies come to our attention, we quickly investigate them and take any steps needed to ensure our content remains reliable and accurate. Our readers are advised to give us feedback or report any mistakes by contacting us.

Community Involvement and Feedback

At our platform, we welcome readers’ thoughts, feedback and recommendations as part of an open dialogue and strive to use it to shape future content creation.

My Mama and Me is dedicated to offering relevant, trustworthy content that assists parents on the rewarding journey of raising children. Through collaboration with child psychologists and parenting experts, our content adheres to the highest standards of credibility and accuracy ensuring a positive reader experience while building an expansive, supportive parent community.