All You Need to Know About 2024 FG Trader Moni Empowerment Scheme

Right below here is All You Need to Know About 2024 FG Trader Moni Empowerment Scheme. Welfare and security are the main priorities of any government because they essentially represent the state of living of the population it governs. The Trader Moni is one of the various empowerment programs that the Federal Government of Nigeria developed in order to support the well-being of its increasing population.

Nigeria is the most populated Black country in the world, with approximately 200 million people living there. But every administration that has controlled the country’s affairs has always had serious concerns about this huge population.

Numerous initiatives have been on for a long time to further the persistent narrative that the country is overpopulated and should have an ideal population. In one way or another, this has not been accomplished because the majority of Nigerians do not have access to basic necessities. Some, on the other hand, lack the initial funding needed to launch small enterprises.

Trader Moni happens to be one of the three microcredit products of the Government Enterprise & Empowerment Programme (GEEP) which provides a base capital for Nigerians who want to establish small-scale businesses. Market Moni and Farmer Moni are two more products offered by GEEP.

In view of the foregoing, this post provides all the information you require regarding Trader Moni, an initiative for FG empowerment.

What Is Trader Moni?

The Bank of Industry is in charge of carrying out the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Trader Moni loan program, which offers zero-interest loans to farmers, artisans, and small business owners. This indicates that, in contrast to loan products from other loan sharks and legitimate banks, Trader Moni loans are interest-free.

With the help of this empowerment program, low-income Nigerians would be able to raise their level of living by becoming small-time traders or artisans and eventually becoming financially independent. The FG believes that if its people can afford basic necessities, then more than half of the nation’s issues will be resolved.

Therefore, Trader Moni’s program aligns with the Federal Government’s long-term objective of raising a significant portion of Nigerians out of poverty. The goal of Trader Moni is to maintain and enhance the financial standing of low-income Nigerians.

How Trader Moni Works

Trader Moni is working on the concept of lending interest-free money to small-time and artisan traders in Nigeria. Thus, this is comparable to having a friend or relative lend you money without charging you interest. Furthermore, timely repayment of your outstanding loan determines your eligibility for additional loans. Your credit score will increase and you will be eligible for a bigger loan amount the more you borrow from Trader Moni and repay it.

For the first month, Trader Moni offers a base loan of N10,000; no BVN is needed. All you need to qualify for the loan is your registered phone number. But in order to get the second loan, which has an increased amount of N15,000, you would require both your BVN and bank account information.

Additionally, if you pay off your outstanding debt on time—typically within three months—you’ll be eligible for an extra N100,000 in loan amount, which will enable you to advance to the next stage of the FG empowerment program. Repaying your debt normally takes a maximum of six months. This implies that, for a period of six months, you will be required to pay N430 each week if you take out an N10,000 loan from Trader Moni. However, you must pay N860 each week for three months in order to be eligible for the next level.

Trader Moni Loan Application Requirements

Not all Nigerians are eligible for the Trader Moni loan scheme. This program is only open to specific individuals, ages, professions, etc. For this reason, those who qualify for the Trader Moni loan have to be:

  • Must be a Nigerian and at least 18 years old
  • Be a petty trader or artisan
  • Possess legitimate identification. These include pushcart pushers, Keke riders, food vendors, vulcanizers, fruit vendors, and mobile tailors.
  • Must possess a bank verification number (BVN) for the second loan;
  • Have a mobile phone and a registered phone number;
  • Have a consistent source of income to repay the loan without interest.

Application Process for Trader Moni Loan

The only people who can apply online or offline for Trader Moni are those who have fulfilled the criteria mentioned above.

How to Apply for Trader Moni Online

1. Visit Trader Moni’s official website

2. Click on “Resources”

3. Correctly fill out the form and submit it

4. Quickly follow the instructions to obtain your loan.

How to Apply Offline for a Trader Moni Loan

  • Visit the closest Trader Moni representative in any of Nigeria’s 36 states.
  • The agent will take your information.
  • If you are approved for the loan, you will get a text message with a number.


The greatest gift a government can give its citizens is financial security because when this is provided, the nation’s economy and security will both rise dramatically. It is this knowledge that originated the Trader Moni. Many Nigerians have benefited from Trader Moni in attaining a sustainable quality of living and minimizing societal vices.

For this reason, it’s critical that you make use of this Federal Government loan in order to expand your business or pursue your passion and reach your much-needed objectives.

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