How To Get A Full Scholarship For A PhD Programme In The UAE

After completing your postgraduate studies, a PhD is the logical next step if you’re enthusiastic about your field of study and want the chance to learn more about the world of academic research. Finding a way to pay for your PhD studies while maintaining sufficient funds for living needs, however, can be quite difficult. Thankfully, there are PhD scholarships and other financial aid options available to help make your education more affordable and free up your time so you can concentrate on your studies rather than stressing about money. Let’s examine carefully at how to obtain a full scholarship for a PhD programme in the United Arab Emirates.

How Much Does A PhD Programme Cost?

The cost of tuition varies based on the university if you’re thinking about pursuing a PhD in the United Arab Emirates. At the United Arab Emirates University, for instance, the majority of doctoral degrees cost 2400 AED (£526) per credit hour additionally to an application fee of 200 AED (£44) for those requiring at least 54 credit hours of study.

The price may also change based on the field you choose; for example, PhDs in business administration and law typically cost more.

UAE Scholarship Requirements For PhD Candidates

Throughout their graduate studies, PhD recipients receive full and ongoing support. Scholarship candidates at the United Arab Emirates University are evaluated according to their academic records. The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for a full scholarship:

  • Possess a minimum 3.5/4.0 master’s degree GPA.
  • Not be employed or receiving any financial assistance
  • Possess finished dissertations in one of the priority areas for the UAE, such as technology, space, water, health, transportation, or renewable energy.

An applicant may be considered for a full PhD scholarship if they fulfil these prerequisites in addition to the university’s PhD study admittance standards. This includes a monthly stipend, health insurance if needed, and the whole cost of school.

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The winner of this scholarship must remain registered permanently and maintain a GPA of at least 3.3 for the entire four-year award period. Throughout the year, they must also devote an average of 40 hours per week to their coursework and/or research projects. Each scholarship and each university will have different requirements.

Applying For A PhD Fellowship

You might also think about applying for a PhD fellowship as an alternative to a PhD scholarship. This provides the same level of financial aid as a full scholarship at United Arab Emirates University, but the recipient also has to agree to work as a Graduate The administrative assistant (GAA) or Graduate Assistant to Teaching (GTA) for at least five hours per week for the first three semesters, then ten hours per week after that.

Even though this requires a larger commitment, it’s worthwhile to take into account the potential advantages of being a GTA or GAA. Make sure to inquire about PhD fellowship options offered by your chosen university.

Department-specific Student Awards

The last resort for PhD candidates seeking financial assistance is to see if the department of their choice provides any special funding support. For example, studentships are available for PhD candidates with a strong background in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology at the United Arab Emirates University, provided they are motivated, ambitious, and hardworking.

Once more, these roles offer a monthly stipend in addition to complete monetary assistance for four years of study. Make sure you carefully review the requirements to make sure you meet them as they will probably differ according on the faculty, department, and institution.

What Comes Next?

You need to be able to apply simultaneously for more than one funding source, unless the university specifies otherwise (but only one will be awarded). The majority of colleges accept applications online, frequently as a step in the PhD application procedure. Get in touch with the organisation directly for additional information, or visit their website.

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